Designed by Jesse Floberg, 2007.
Left: Peaceable Lane as seen in 2005:

Rick Thompson, Rob Floberg, Bob Hoffman, Terry Toporke, Mike Myerdirk, Jay Scott, Bob Lein, Gary Toporke, Boots Buhre, Mark Swanberg
Below: Mark Swanberg, and Terry Toporke- originals!
Top: Bill Barner,Terry Toporke, Charlie Harkus, Jay Thomas
Bottom: Gail Long, Greg (Boots) Buhre, Mark Swanburg, Charlie Foster
Photo Courtesy of Bill Barner
1971 - Publicity
Early 1970's  . . .
The best stuff from this decade is what we specialize in.

Billy Barner - Drums, Vocals
Gary Benny - Bass
Mickey Benson - Drums
Greg "Boots" Buhre - Alto Sax
Rob Floberg - Keyboards
Charlie Foster - Trombone, Percussion, Vocals
Charlie Harkus - Keyboards, Vocals
Ralph Howland - Trombone
Larry Landers - Drums
Bob Lein - Trombone
Doug Lewis - Bass
Gale Long - Vocals, Perc.
Mike Meyerdirk - Drums
Chris Menzel - Keyboards
Dennis Sharp - Trumpet, Flugel Horn
Dick Summers - Keyboards
Mark Swanburg - Guitar
Jay Thomas - Saxophone, Trumpet, Coronet, Flugel Horn
Rick Thompson - Guitar
Terry Toporke - Bass, Vocals

Dan Ruffo - Manager
Peaceable Lane played first in the Tacoma area clubs (High Hat, Baldy's, Back Forty) and later around the West Coast and Canada until the breakup in 1974.  Some players went on to other bands or got real jobs!

Manager Dan Ruffo gathered up ten of the original Peacable Lane musicians in 2004 and said the immortal words "we're puttin' the band back together..."

This after a thirty year break for the original group.

Peaceable Lane is better and more energetic than ever - with over 400 years of musical experience between the members!
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